PWM Generator 2CH 1Hz ~ 150KHz



Module Features:

1. 2 PWM output, frequency adjustable, 2 frequency output consistent, duty cycle can be independently adjusted, suitable for most occasions;

2. LCD display frequency and duty cycle, very clear, very convenient to adjust

3. Wide frequency range and high precision;

4. Serial port communication

Ⅰ.Module description

2/3 PWM output, wide frequency range, duty cycle can be independently real-time adjustment;

Frequency is divided into four ranges, automatic switching:

1. XXX(without decimal point) : The minimum unit is 1Hz. The value ranges from 1Hz to 999Hz.

2.The minimum unit is 0.01khz, and the value ranges from 1.00khz to 9.99khz;

3. XX.X(decimal place in ten) : the minimum unit is 0.1khz; Value range: 10.0KHz to 99.9KHz

4.X.X.X (decimal place in tens and hundreds) : the minimum unit is 1Khz; Value range: 1KHz to 150KHz

Frequency display:

100 means PWM output pulse of 100Hz;

1.01 indicates that the PWM output is 1.01K pulse;

54.1 represents a pulse of 54.1KHz for PWM output;

1.2.4 Represents the PWM output pulse of 124KHz;

Duty cycle Value range: 0 to 100%, where 100% is expressed in A0%.

All parameters are saved after power failure.

Ⅱ.Parameter setting

Module has 8 independent keys, used to set the frequency and duty cycle, support short press (increase or decrease a unit) and long press (quickly increase or decrease), very simple, set the parameters automatically save, power loss is not lost.

3 way duty cycle button can be pressed at the same time, real-time adjustment, the liquid crystal display is the last button to press the duty cycle, real time is very strong, can be used for simple several way duty cycle scanning.

Ⅲ.Module parameters:

1.Operating voltage: 3.3~30V;

2. Frequency range: 1Hz~150KHz;

3. Frequency accuracy: the accuracy in each range is about 2%;

4. Signal load capacity: the output current can be about 5~ 30mA;

5. Output amplitude: THE PWM amplitude is equal to the supply voltage;

6. Ambient temperature: -20 ℃ to +70℃.

Ⅳ.the scope of application:

1. Used as a square wave signal generator to generate square wave signals for experimental development;

2. Used to generate the square wave signal to control the motor driver;

3. Generate adjustable pulse for MCU use;

4. Generate adjustable pulse, control related circuit (PWM dimming speed control and other applications).

Ⅴ.serial port control (MCU TTL level communication)

Communication standard :9600 BPS Data bit :8

Stop bits: 1

Check digit: none

Flow control: none

1. Set the FREQUENCY of PWM

"F101": Set the frequency to 101 HZ (001 to 999).

"F1.05" : Set the frequency to 1.05khz (1.00~9.99)

"F10.5" : Set frequency to 10.5khz (10.0~99.9)

"F1.0.5" : set the frequency to 105KHZ (1.0.0~1.5.0)

2. Set the duty cycle of PWM

Dx: YYy: sets the duty cycle of PWM x: (1~3) PWM number, YYY: (000-100) duty cycle %;

For example, D1:050, set the duty cycle of route 1 PWM to 50%

3. Read the setting parameters

Send a "read" string to read the set parameter.

Read data in the following format: F156, D1:052, D2:059, D3:058,

Returns: DOWN;

Failure to set returns: FALL.